Saturday, May 21, 2016

RPG Character Sketches

A couple sketches I did on break for a game I play with some friends.  These are pencil and digital.  The one up top is a Wood Elf who can summon a wolf (which comes in quite handy - wish I could do that) and the bottom one is a Half Orc who most people think is well... way too sexy.

I have a few more of these I'll have to upload when I get the chance.


Jessi L Roberts said...

Cool characters. I had an orc I made to use in an RPG, but the the RPG died before I got to use her much. She also had a warg.

Jason Peck said...

Hey Anthony, these are very cool, I cant help but wonder if the game is WOW. Lol so many people play WOW, Ive never played it, but I hear its pretty fun. I heard there is a expansion coming out for it sometime later this year. I guess because the movie is about to hit theaters. I really like the elf with the wolf spirit. Im working on something very similar right now. Ill send you a sneak peak of it later this week.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Jessi! I hate when that happens. We started and restarted this game a couple times, so we got to change and perfect our characters to our liking.

Thanks Jason! Hey I can’t wait to see what you’ve worked on. This game is actually a modified version of Pathfinder (D&D). A friend of mine is doing a good job with it playing with me and my brothers.