Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Hero 6

I went to see Big Hero 6 last week, and it was a truly fabulous film!   If you haven't seen it you should go soon.  The movie stays on point never wandering, building steadily on a message that is made very real as you see the characters respond to the action that whirls into their lives.  I won't give anything away here, but you get to see the distinct results of two decisions as the characters are paralleled.  Big sacrifices.  Great stuff!

Also in an art related thing, I was glad to find that Jin Kim has a new tumblr page.  His blog had shut down some time ago, but the new page has some cool Big Hero 6 work on it.  From what I understand, these are sketches Jin Kim created translating the finalized character designs into multiple angle drawings for the model builders to reference.  Over the last few years I've really taken an interest in sculpture, so I enjoy these quite a bit, and I'm a big fan of Mr. Kim's work.

And keeping with the animation theme of this post, you should check out the short film Duet by Glen Keane.  I had seen this a few months back and I recall reading an article where Glen Keane expressed an interest in exploring the possibility of keeping the integrity of the drawn line in animation.  Most completed films have the inked lines and colored cells, but the raw beauty of the gesture sketch is lost on an image refined to that point.  This film is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in animation.


Michelle D said...

I fell in love with your work when I saw your nymph (Waking Wood Nymph, I believe it's called?)

It's almost exactly what I see in my head as I'm writing a children's book. How much do you usually charge for a commissioned work? I need an illustrator for my book (it is yet to be titled) and your work is my first choice!

Please e-mail me at
so we can talk?

I hope to hear from you soon,
Amelia "Ami" Mendal (pen name)

Andrew V said...

"Blah - la - la - la - la!"

Gussie said...

"Sick…… Just an expression."

Alex VanArsdale said...

"Have a lollypop." (•-•)

Christine Piper said...

Wow! You just keep getting better all the time!

Stephen Anderson said...

I totally agree. I didn't get to see it until New Year's Day, but it currently stands as my favorite film. SO so beautiful! I liked it enough that I had to write a review and post it on my own blog. Awesome sauce, my friend!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks everybody!

I saw it several times in the theater, Stephen, and just watched it on dvd the other day. A truly fabulous film! For Hiro to see himself as being so unlike his brother, but then changing for the better and in turn seeing the villain act as he himself did by being vengeful... there's so much there to take in. Great characters!

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