Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Classical Head Sketch of a Child

This is one of several preliminary drawings for a project I'm working on.


Faith E. Hough said...

Beautiful! This is very Bouguereau-ish (that should be an adjective!), and I love the interesting angle of the head.

Christine Piper said...

Great job with this! It has just the right mix of detail and spontaneousness!

Jason Peck said...

Hey Anthony,

Awesome drawing! Did you make a head sculpt for this? Cant wait to see how your project turns out.


Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks so much, Faith and Christine!

Thanks, Jason! Yep, this one was from the head model. I'll have to get a photo to you, and maybe put one here on the blog. I made it big enough to draw from without having to hold and photograph it.