Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm Still Here

Or "there" considering my absence from this blog for four weeks.  It's been an insane last three months.  I'll have to recap sometime if I remember everything.

Here are just a few sketches from Friday night.  It's been roughly three weeks since I've had a chance to draw.

I've been revisiting old anatomy books and notes lately, and feeling more responsive to what I didn't grasp years ago regarding anatomy and form. It has been fun revisiting a lot of the basics and I should do it more often. 

I've made invaluable art book discoveries too.  I found a J.W. Waterhouse book misplaced in the photography section at Books-a-Million (probably the only reason it was still there).  Also I found Andrew Loomis books at a local art shop that I love to frequent.  They cover design, composition, color, and more.  A great addition to the art book collection.

Pdf versions of these books can be downloaded, and what is funny is I've had copies on my computer now for almost a year.  The only problem is I hate to sit and read something lengthy at my computer.  Drives me nuts!  I was ecstatic to find these.

I also found some great anatomy models over at  If you're studying anatomy for drawing or sculpture it would be a good idea to check it out (Warning: the site is for artists and medical students and does contain some nudity).

I found these through the blog of the fabulous sculptor David Lemon.  He's a real inspiration!


Christine Piper said...

Those are some fun sketches:) You're so lucky to have come upon a hard copy set of Loomis books! I have the Loomis books on my computer as well, but I do like to read from paper better than a screen too. Easier on the eyes! The anatomy model you got is great. I actually have checked that site out in the past, but the models were just a bit too pricy for me. I bet things are going to become even more crazy for you now that Christmas is coming up:) If you don't make another post before then, I wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck with all that illustration work!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey thanks Christine. I still can't get over the Loomis books. It's one of the last things I thought I'd find that day. I've been pressing hard to get the studio finished before Christmas, but I think I'm going to pace myself some so I don't go nuts.

I'll try posting before the end of the year and hopefully something soon about the digital painting in Photoshop. Thanks again!

Alex VanArsdale said...

Go Quincy! I really like the look of your characters!