Monday, November 4, 2013

Scottish - Pencil Drawing

Helen Mary MacGregor perhaps?

This one is pencil on Strathmore sketch paper - about 10 1/2" by 14".  It was a quick drawing I did last night.  There are probably a few things I would change if I was going to paint it, but for now this is how it will stay.

I've been sketching Blue Bonnets and Redcoats for free time drawing last week and listening to a little music...

Rise Rise - Sung by the Corries

Ye Jacobites By Name (Robert Burns)

Sherramuir Fight! - an action packed piece written by Robert Burns around 1787 and sung by the Corries.

I don't know about you, but bodhráns can get me worked up!


Christine Piper said...

Simply Marvelous! When you finish a piece, are you just so excited that you can draw something so good from your imagination? I can't wait to get to that level :) Thanks for the Inspiration :)

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Christine! You're way too kind!

Keep drawing and love the process! Even the struggles are part of the experience. That is what has helped me these past few years as I've tried to get better and work out the best methods for myself.

Really enjoy the art of creating!

Christine Piper said...

Thanks Anthony :)

Danny said...

very lovely draftsmanship!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Danny!