Monday, November 4, 2013

Prelim work for the Helen Mary pencil drawing

    I had an idea to post these preliminary sketches for the above drawing - this has been a good method for me over the past few months, to work out several roughs, refer to them for a large loose pencil sketch, and then lay a clean sheet of drawing paper on top, tracing out the basic shapes and adding details based off the earlier sketches.  Having three different roughs helps to choose what details are best to put it.  Have one that is simple block shapes (since you want your drawing to communicate quickly) and the others with several variations of details.  It's almost like having several reference photos and you assemble what you like best in the final piece.


Paolo Gaspare Nardo said...


Stephen Anderson said...

Excellent tips. I love that idea. I like to try to implement that some in my workflow, especially for design work. It definitely helps once you go in to paint and finalize the piece. Super cool. I hope to be able to do as well as this someday! Great work!

Christine Piper said...

Thanks so much for sharing your drawing process. Its a very good idea. I absolutely love your Celtic girl. I'm actually a big fan of Irish music, especially their lively jigs. It really gets the energy going for a drawing session:) So I have a question for you. I just got an introductory tablet, and I've had Photoshop cs5 for quite some time. (Though I haven't delved into how to use it yet) Could you give me a go-to source for learning how to do basic sketching in Photoshop? I want to try to get sketching down before I move into any kind of digital painting. My sketches themselves are still pretty awful since I haven't practiced consistently, but I have decided to become dedicated to learning to draw. I would love to one day put up a blog to just share some inspiration with the world like you do. Thanks :)

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Paolo!!!

Thanks Stephen! Your work is fantastic and your comments are always so encouraging! I really appreciate it.

Thanks Christine! I can't remember any tutorials at the moment. I'll look at what I have maybe saved in bookmarks. As far as the sketching goes, it's all in the brush settings and working in layers maybe. If you want, you can send me an email - I have a screen capture of the brush setting box I sent to someone a couple years back. It will be a little different since it was taken from Photoshop 7 but the basics are the same.

The tablet will be a good source of practice since you can literally do one sketch after another, and it gives you good eye hand coordination. Have you seen ? Their stuff is crazy good!

Remember, even if you're drawing from something (a reference model) your mind is having to process it and memorize it long enough for you to sketch it down on the paper. It's all in how you retain the info your eye is sending to your brain, and I've heard more than one professional say that anyone can draw if they put their mind to it. Learn to memorize the look and shape of things as you draw and understand it as a whole. You'll get it!

I look forward to seeing your work one day!

Christine Piper said...

Thanks so much for your advice! I checked out elioliart, and they are really great. Looks like I have a new blog to follow :) (but yours is still tops) The email address I use all the time is if you wanted to send me an email about photoshop there. Thanks so much again, and don't worry about trying to send me an email right away if you can't. I know your a very busy illustrator:) As far as actually seeing my work, I plan to work hard for the next year. At the end of 2014, I would like to put up a blog. I'll probably be asking your advice about how to do that then too :) Keep up all the awesome work!