Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Men of Bounty - Character Pencil Drawings


Duchess is a trusty crew member of The Balance and good friend of Captain McQuaid. She keeps her knives as sharp as her wit, and always pays close attention to detail. She sometimes strays however, if she feels she has a better plan.

Captain Byrnes

Not exactly a fellow you would want to meet.  Captain Byrnes can be as rough as they come.  Frequently he corrects some of the slower men of his crew who falsely think his name is "Burns" due to the rope marks on his neck, which (on special occasions) are covered by a vibrant blue scarf.  When things are going his way he can be too sure of himself, believing that his plans are working and you don't know it.  See how he smiles?  He thinks you don't see that dirk in his hand.

A darn cool story is coming together with these characters, so I'll probably be posting this kind of stuff for the next couple weeks.  I hope you like the Age of Sail.


Pagas said...

Molto belli i tuoi lavori!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Paolo!