Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Travels of the Game Warrior!

I'm glad I didn't have this game when I was a child, or else I never would have gone outside.  I spent this past weekend breaking heavily from any thoughts of work (first time in a long time), and submersed myself in the virtual, medieval world of… 
Mount & Blade - War Band!

My brother downloaded the game just the other day.  He started and grew to be a count.  I started as a female warrior (to see the variation of game play) and turned out to be a joke.  I'm one of those, "do this and see what happens" people, so the results were a bit funny.  The game play is awesome!  You get to:

Receive encouragement from your men!

Vanquish enemies!
And meet old friends…

The game is more for teens with the blood sprites and stuff (you can disable that).  If you're interested in this kind of thing you can check out their website at Tale Worlds.

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