Monday, June 27, 2011

Sketchbook Scan

I may add to this page later, but wanted to go ahead and post now.  I've put this little book down for far too long.  Bad habits you know - drawing on envelopes and paper found on the floor.  Hey, I'm sure you do it too!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't Stop!

Unfortunately due to work schedules, I haven't had a chance to pull out the oil paints in a few aggravating weeks, so I've tried to clear my head and pass the little free time I have creatively.  I finished an old page I had started months ago for the space comic I was working on.  I put it up over at the other blog.

Hey, if you stop drawing you die!  If you stop laughing, well… it gets even worse!

Click Here!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nice to see green.

I had the pleasure last night of hearing distant thunder and rain falling on the roof - a frog singing his joyous song under the window, grateful for the wet stuff. Sky water has been terribly scarce here so it was welcomed. Not so to the north I know. Strange how not far way things are being wiped out by storms and floods and here things are being destroyed by the sun.

Here are a few garden photos. I don't think I'll ever grow to dislike tomato sandwiches, but with so many coming in, I'm sure it will be a good test. Yesterday we discovered a Mockingbird nest in the hedgerow by the garden, and after taking this photo, I realized just how mean these baby birds beaks look! Good reminder that momma is probably not far away.

And here's a glimpse at a few designs I've worked on in the last few weeks. More soon, hopefully.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Here's some paper with graphite on it!

No awards for creative writing here. My mind seems to be seriously overloaded with what I have going on right now (plus the added physical stress of this infernal heatwave). Maybe in the next few days I can get something up here that looks like an intelligent adult put it together.
Here are a few robot character studies, some are quite old.
These sketches were just to clear my head after last week. Amy Android hides from some thuggish mechanical villains!
And a few more sketches of robot designs.  I don't know if this is your kind of thing, but I've always loved robots.

Oil Sketch

Whew I'm worn out!  The heat has really set in here and weeks seem to be running together.  Above is a small unfinished head study of a young girl.  I fully intended to have several paintings finished before Summer rolled around, but apparently God had different plans.