Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's only thirty thousand feet...


I have no idea what happened with the order, but my Christmas present finally arrived the other day.  Almost in time for my birthday - go figure.  I've watched this movie about four times now, enjoying it the last time from an artistic perspective, studying the compositions, colors, and expressions.  I love how the very subtle gestures can communicate so much, which is something very important for the illustrator as well as animator.  Anyway, if you don't have the book, Get It!  Great artwork by many talented artists.
And while you're buying the Art of Tangled, be sure to add to the cart Ben Hatke's latest graphic novel, Zita the Spacegirl.  Fabulous book and a job well done, Ben.  I'm looking forward to the sequel.  Check out Ben's blog while you're at it for interviews and other cool stuff.