Monday, January 18, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

I've learned a few things recently. That Pro was better than College Football this season (until late in the Playoffs), and that I can't draw with a non-photo blue pencil to save my life. I've simply got to come back over it with the trusty mechanical HB before inking. I discovered this while hurriedly drawing the big red eyed guy one morning last week. It's one of those times when you're in a rush to finish before starting the daily grind. I was royally messing it up when I had to break, and was harassed by the thought of my failure all day. Yet another motive for procrastination.

There are various styles here, which is kinda neat. I went for a more animated film look on the character sheet up top (again that's a comic story idea that's coming together), and here are a few medieval style drawings intermingled with other dragon character sketches. I've resumed work on that story after overcoming a slight case of writer's block. Writing... hmm... Now there's something I will be working on this year!

By the way, the dragon sketches are random and do not feature parts of the actual story. There is no swordplay or archery or theatrical violence of any kind.


Don't tell me you're disappointed!

Want to brush up on your writing skills?

Well take a look at the intro for Plan 9 from Outer Space, often referred to as the worst movie ever made. This film makes mediocre writing look great! I managed to watch the whole thing just to say I did... you know like skydiving or something.

Here's the Wikipedia article on the film. The mistakes are worth reading about if you can't watch the movie.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Painting with Oils

Just a quick post today. I recently put the finishing touches on the face in my latest portrait. You'll have to excuse the glare to the left and center.

I think I'm finally starting to settle with a painting technique I'm happy with. After I rough in the painting I apply thin layers and then accent tones with a coarse brush on the wet paint. You can see the effect better in the unfinished* painting below. It's a scan of an old piece I scraped down and repainted a few months back. I had hoped to post the whole image one day, if I'd just get around to finishing it. I haven't even put the epaulets on Col. Mustard yet!

*unfinished: this is how I escape saying I didn't catch the mistakes.