Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well here's a little something...

Hope everyone is ready for the new year, because I know I'm not. January 1st always feels like an approaching Monday to me.

Does anyone remember the Goat comic I talked about some months ago? (I just checked and can't believe that was in May!!!) Well this is page three of a short story. I inked this awhile back as I was listening to a football game (I don't recommend that) and I feel I've learned a bit since. Below that is the old character and color test.

And would you believe me if I said I've had a graphic novel story idea developing since college? Six years of work is finally starting to come together... characters, plots, subplots, action, and most importantly to me, humor. Sketches of the various characters are hidden throughout my latest entries. I've even gone so far as to purchase a website domain name, so am I serious about this? Yessiree Bob!

A new year is coming folks. Let's have a bright outlook and go get 'em!!! (grimace)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

In case I don't make it back before the holidays, here's a quick sketch from this afternoon.
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Art and Links, or... Links to Great Art!

The Tree is up, and the Vince Guaraldi CD is on repeat, spreading Charlie Brown Christmas music throughout the house. I really wish I had something to show right now, but I haven't been too happy with personal sketches lately. I don't think I'm every happy at all come to think of it, except at that moment when I have an idea, and rush for pencil and paper. After that I struggle and bumble along and employ every trick I know to make it look as good as I can. Creative process I guess.

The images here are old, except for the Santa girl. I thought about not posting her since I had a complaint (not exactly) that my girls were sometimes too hot. I don't know what they're talking about...

moving on...

Anyone who knows me, knows that animation is tops on my favorites list - particularly pencil tests. I love character sketches that show movement, which is something every good illustration should have. And thank heaven for the internet, because I easily found some! (Warning: I am running the risk that you will leave my blog and not return for the rest of the day, there are so many cool things over there... Check out the blog links below to see more.)

One blog features the art of Glen Keane. The video below is a thumbnail animation, at least I think that's what the pros would call it. Heck I don't know the terms, who am I kidding! I've watched it about six times and the expressions achieved by using merely a few lines floors me.

And here's da links...

The Art of Glen Keane, by Raul Andres

Pencil Test Depot, by Jamaal Bradley

And just because it's a precious well of inspiration:
Harald Siepermann's portfolio

I'm going to get some good stuff here soon folks. Some of my latest posts have been a little "blah!"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Weather, Paints, and Portfolio Updates

Trying to put a few layers on my latest painting before I start on my next book. I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of this holiday season. Thanksgiving was terrific for me, and my family and I are really looking forward to Christmas. Below is a work in progress of the newly appointed Archbishop of Mobile, the Most Reverend Thomas Rodi. I've worked on it for two days now and have made some pretty good headway. These are the preliminary layers... lots of detail to come.

Here is a small oil study from a few weeks ago I painted for future reference. I went so far as to make a couple sculptures for this one to help with the lighting. Unfortunately they didn't turn out very well but they did serve their purpose.

And if you get a chance, check out my updated portfolio over at Shannon Associates. Most of the peices added I have shared here already, but there are some black and white illustrations from the Last of the Mohicans that are new.