Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Last of the Mohicans

It's tough finding time to blog these days. In this post are a few of my illustrations from the book The Last of the Mohicans. It will be available January 2010 through Magic Wagon, a division of the ABDO Group or your educational wholesaler.

The book offered a great opportunity for some rather dramatic images.

I like how the angles turned out in this one. Originally I was going to have the party viewed completely from the side, and was about a quarter of the way into it when I had the idea for this composition. It was worth the extra work to change it.

This was the second illustration I worked on (finished it right before I went to the beach a couple months ago) and is one of my favorites - I love the tension and Cora's rigid posture. She's not taking any guff!

Over the next few weeks I'll share more illustrations and some of the roughs and prelim sketches. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Colonel Mustard I Presume

Several weekends ago, I took a trip to the beach with family. Overall it wasn't bad, but I came back more tired than ever. While at the condo, we played a few rounds of the board game Clue. It was the first time my brothers had ever played it and they caught on rather quickly. Andrew however seemed to have the notorious problem of rolling ones and twos, making his trek across the board slow and arduous. Each time he played as Colonel Mustard, and I had the idea for this painting (still unfinished). He is known for giving people "that look." Below is an example of how game conversation would often go.

Colonel Mustard: I believe the crime was committed by Miss Scarlet with theeeeee.... Revolver!

Professor Plum: Where?

Colonel Mustard: In the leg.

Mr. Green: He means what room?!

Colonel Mustard: In the Conversationary.

Professor Plum: You mean the Conservatory?

As for the painting, there are about three layers on the face. Probably could use a few more but I've already spent more time on it than I thought I would.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Here is a small head sculpture made using Super Sculpey. I started it a few weeks ago and for what seemed like an eternity, she sat there bald and earless (creepy) until I finished her today.

The model was based on my sketches in the colonial post from two months ago, and was a big help while working on the book. Some of you may remember the male head maquette I made last year. These are great to have around when you can't get that sketch just right.