Friday, May 8, 2009

Going Back

Things have been really crazy lately, and I haven't had much time for blogging. I thought I might show some old work of mine... really old work. (Click on the small sample to see the full image)

Do any of you remember the cartoon Dino Riders that aired in the 80's? I must have done this when I was five or six. I had my drawing desk next to my dad's and I would crank out these epic battle scenes on paper. It's pretty obvious that I wasn't too concerned with composition back then.

Here's one from high school - the love for dinosaurs undying. I've stepped up a notch from Dino Riders to Jurassic Park. Intense. Get it in gear Muldoon! Get it in gear!

The drawing to the left inspired this post. Joe made a comment on the last entry that reminded me of reading the novel Shane when I was thirteen or fourteen. There were a few more sketches of this brawl that were a little off. I think I misunderstood the description of the fight since the drawings looked more like interpretive dance gone terribly wrong.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the pièce de résistance! A pencil rendering of that master of evil, Darth Vader! You must be shaking in your boots right now.

I did this for a 4th grade book report. Seeing it now I wonder why I kept going.

Welp... that's a glimpse into my past. Hope your having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the beginning of Summer!


Anonymous said...

Your comment about the fight scene makes me think of how my son Seth and i joke about how in old westerns like Support Your Local Serrif, people will "square" a guy up with both hands on his shoulders before punching him. we do it a lot as a joke.
I love these old drawings!
i have tons of old Star Wars drawings I did in the early 80's. I have a Solo on Tauntaun that I drew in Kindergarten. I still have the whole scene of Vader and Kenobi fighting with Vader kicking at the empty robe on the ground! my parents have always laughed at the fact that i used some super bold pink marker for Solo's face in one drawing and he looks like his head is going to pop.
your Vader there has a Light Saber Jr. and he kind of reminds me of Dark Helmet from Spaceballs:)!!!

thanks for sharing these man!!!Its fun to see this stuff.

Alexandre HONORE said...

oh, i had forgotten the cartoon Dino Rider ! i was a fan and i had some toys. The drawings are awesome for your little age, especially the trex of the bads. It's really nice to rediscover our old artworks, there is something nostalgic. Thanks for this comeback to the past !

Julia Denos said...

Anthony, you still had a ton of talent very evident in your childhood drawings! I am especially wowed by the detail in that 5 yr old dino riders! Haha and I LOVE darth vader's tiny little hand in that sketch!! It's great to see your progression, you said your desk was next to your dad's, is he also an artist?

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Joe! I've got a ton of old Star Wars drawings too. I got my first "How to Draw Faces" book after struggling with a sketch of Harrison Ford. No fun drawing Stormtroopers if you can't draw Han Solo in the mix.

Thanks for stopping by Alexandre, and for the comment! I had almost forgotten about dinoriders and then I found this drawing

Thank you so much, Julia! My dad put down drawing and painting for a long time but started again a little over a year ago. When I was a pup, he would sit at his table creating designs for the silk screen business. I remember bumping his arm a lot trying to see what he was drawing.

Ambera said...

Ah, these are really great. I don't know anyone past or present who wasn't obsessed with dinos when they were kids.

Alex J Osborne said...

These are great! Especially Vader. Boy these bring back memories.