Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Below is the final gopher painting. In this picture the little girl tells the gophers and moles to stay out of the golf coarse because her uncle who is the grounds keeper is getting ma..... you're not buying it are you. Actually this illustration goes with the animal meeting from a few posts back. I cropped it down.

The full image has a kind of neat transition to nothingness over to the right, but it looks a little odd without text.

And below are some springtime photos. (leave it to me to post an Autumn painting with springtime photos... but hopefully you didn't notice)

Ever wonder where the Bluebirds go during the winter? These photos aren't very good but I thought I'd share the bird in flight.

Hope you're having a nice week! I'm already looking forward to the weekend and it's only Tuesday... not good!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope this story gets onto the shelves! i want a copy bad! its inspiring in each little segment.
i love the blue bird photos. I sit around watching the birds around here a lot. Gray Catbirds and Mockingbirds are my favorites in Ohio. they are so agile and swift and such fun to listen to!

Phyllis Harris said...

What do you mean the bluebird photos aren't very good?! I was just about to ask who took those amazing photos because I know that at least in Missouri, these little fellows are extremely shy and I would think difficult to photograph! So great job! Those are Missouri's state bird but I only rarely ever get to see one.

Also, your art for this project is so fun! Is this for a personal project? As usual your art leaves me feeling very inadequate but keep it coming because it's also inspirational!! :o)

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Joe! It's funny you should mention the Gray Catbird. I saw my first just the other day. I've always heard their call and just thought it was a Mockingbird.

I'm humbled by your comments Phyllis... thank you so much! The Bluebird photo was taken from a good distance and the ISO was set real high on my camera. The pics turned out a little grainy. Alabama's state bird is the Yellow Hammer and I very seldom see them! Maybe they went to Missouri :)
I'm working on these illustrations as I think of them. I wish I had more of a story behind them because I'm having a lot of fun with the settings and characters... maybe it will come

AWells said...

Everything you do is gorgeous, Anthony :)

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thank you very much, Aja!

Alex J Osborne said...

Really good composition. I love the little moles. They're just kinda pointing out there.