Friday, February 27, 2009

Gators Galore

Now doesn't this picture look like something out of Jurassic Park.

Did you know that alligators can climb fences? Although this one is crashing through a fence, I've heard that they can do just about anything a green anole can. Jump, swim, climb, and bite... and size in not a deterrent.

If you're ever out at night on the Mobile delta (and I seriously doubt you ever will be!) don't be surprised by the countless pairs of golden eyes shining in your spotlight. Once endangered, these behemoths now inhabit many of the coastal waterways in the South.

I remember (and I laugh so hard when I think about it) when Hurricane Ivan hit about four years ago, there were reporters from all over the country who showed up to cover the damage, and they were all terrified of "Chuckie" the alligator who escaped from a local zoo. "He could be anywhere!" What they didn't seem to understand is that he's not the only one down here. The gator they captured on camera swimming free in the swamp may not have been Chuckie.

Last summer there was an alligator at least ten feet in length (and I say at least) cruising down the river behind my house. I don't know why I've typed all this, but it is fascinating to me that I live in a resort area near the beach, and there are these "dinosaurs" literally everywhere.


Phyllis Harris said...

Love the croc illustration! Where was that photo taken?! It's beautiful!!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Phyllis! That's the Bon Secour River. I took this photo off my deck a few years ago... testing long exposures at night.

The river leads out to Mobile Bay and then the Gulf of Mexico... really pretty

The cottage in the photo is actually for rent right now... you oughta come on down! lol

Angela said...

That's one fierce crocodile. I have to admit that multilple crocs running amok at all times terrifies me. Up here, critters are mostly of the furry variety..squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, bunnies, etc... They are less likely to eat you, although I've heard stories.... :P

I gave you an award over on my blog. :)

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thank you so much, Angela!!! I'll link your blog this week

AWells said...

I love it... soooo pretty.