Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Shall Have Order!

This image is a little like my life right now, or at least these last few months. Somewhat disorderly! A bad cold AND the flu during the holidays was enough to mix things up a bit, and I haven't completely shaken the stuff.

Do you know that my Christmas tree may very soon become a Mardi Gras tree?! I still haven't taken it down. I need to hop to it!

The picture above is watercolor and color pencil. It took roughly two days to complete. There are some elements I might change, but for now I will take a break from it and start on some other projects.


Kelly Light said...

It's stunning - luv it. Esp. the opossum - he looks like a trouble maker.

Phyllis Harris said...

Really wonderful! Your animals have amazing characterizations!Your painting technique is really well done.

Kristi Valiant said...

Anthony, how do you do it? This is marvelous. Your style fascinates me. Will you be sending this out as a postcard mailer?

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Kelly!

Thank you Phyllis!

Thanks so much Kristi! I will use this in a promotional packet I hope to have finished soon. There will be several illustrations to go with this theme and a little write-up about how I work.

AWells said...

I love it so much. You draw children so beautifully, and now I see your animals are just as charming!

Julia Denos said...

i just love the atmosphere and little world you are able to inviting!