Thursday, January 29, 2009

Perpetual Fall

Moderately cool temperatures have kept a fall like appearance in my area. The trees are still quite colorful. These leaves were just plucked from a tree the other day, and I've come to find out that this is actually an average winter for us. Fancy that!

And this is Little Red rockin' her way down the lane, bringing a digital converter to dear old Granny so her television set doesn't "just become a box."

(There may be too much frivolity on this blog for my own good)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pensive Mood

We Shall Have Order!

This image is a little like my life right now, or at least these last few months. Somewhat disorderly! A bad cold AND the flu during the holidays was enough to mix things up a bit, and I haven't completely shaken the stuff.

Do you know that my Christmas tree may very soon become a Mardi Gras tree?! I still haven't taken it down. I need to hop to it!

The picture above is watercolor and color pencil. It took roughly two days to complete. There are some elements I might change, but for now I will take a break from it and start on some other projects.