Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Time For The Holidays

Hello everyone! I've really been neglecting the blog lately. Sorry about that. Many things keeping me busy these last few weeks, but I thought I should post something... so here it is!

Several Christmases ago, I started a little tradition of making toys for my brothers, most often out of clay or wood. Above is this years gift.... Good King Blogworthy!!! Well I don't suppose that's what he will be called, but I thought it fitting as I struggled to collect my thoughts this morning. The boys have already seen him, so there won't be much of a surprise at Christmas. They are very excited though, and that's been fun for me.

The clay I used was Sculpey. It took about three days and he stands about six inches tall.

Now the images below are really interesting! The sly little river otters have found another victim! The guy across the river. I took these about two weeks ago around 7:30 in the morning. When I first saw them, they were climbing up the side of the fish cage so by the time I reached my camera, they were moving on. The owner of the pier put several nice sized speckled trout in the cage the day before. Well as the pics show, he was robbed in broad daylight :)

Friends and family have seen eagles as well. Last winter was the first time in 50 years that any Bald Eagles were seen along the coastal waterways in our area. It's funny... eagles on the beach! If I get any photos of them, I'll be sure to post!

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Amy Sullivan said...

~Clever fellows~ those otters~
Still over the moon with your art, am I~
Ian (my son, 16 now) would love it. He was(for Halloween) & always will be a knight.He wants to be a farrier now. He is amazing with horses & very good with his hands, manly stuff, but gentle too.