Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Leaving my Post for the 4th

I saw a little girl in the grocery store the other day. She was pushing her sister in the shopping cart, and right off the bat I noticed her glorious pigtails! They were almost bigger than she was! I just had to draw them. So here's the pigtail girl with her Fourth of July sparkler. She's being extra cautious with her goggles and gloves.

I'll be away until later next week... Family is coming to visit. (You know I didn't mean that the way it sounds)

Have a Happy - and Safe - Fourth of July! :)


Phyllis Harris said...

This illo is perfect and looks so much like my daughter, except it was about 15 years ago. ;O)

Wishing you a Happy and Safe 4th, Anthony!

Anonymous said...

Those 'bunches' (as we call them here!) are enormous like you said! It's great when ordinary things in life can spark off an idea for a drawing and you've done it so well.

Kelly Light said...

I called the doggy ears when I was young. She's a firecracker! -Have a great holiday!

AWells said...

Have a very happy Holiday!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hi Phyllis! this one was so fun... thanks and have a happy holiday!

Thanks Jess! I like 'bunches'... I'll remember that... I almost said 'shopping trolley' instead of cart in the post... I'm influenced a bit by "Charlie and Lola" :)

Thanks Kelly! she's very sparky! and they ARE like doggy ears... images of cocker spaniels just popped in my head

Hi Aja... have a Wonderful weekend!

Talk to you next week :)

Frank Gardner said...

Very wise to be that safe.
Great drawing!
I have lurked on your site for a while after finding you one day through Eric Orchard's blog.
I wanted to say that you have some REALLY great illustrations here. I enjoy my visits.
Oh, and thanks for pointing out Scorpius. I now recognize it in the evening sky.

Ambera said...

Terrific drawing! Happy 4th!

Eric Orchard said...

Great picture! She looks like a super hero!

Amy Sullivan said...

Love sparklers. Smart little girl!
I am taking time away too. Enjoy your family. Amy

-J.Meyer said...

Love the pigtails and the giant glove! Shes got a slight mad scientist feel to her.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hi Frank! thanks so much! you have so many beautiful paintings on your site! Thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks Ambera!

Thank you Eric!

Thanks Amy! work called me back prematurely (which is a bummer) but I had a good time :) I hope you had a great weekend

Hi Jennifer, Thanks!

Roberta said...

An award is waiting for you!

-J.Meyer said...

As always, I love your line work =)
I have an award for you over at my blog

Amy Sullivan said...

Anthony, I keep forgetting to tell you how cute you are. I love seeing your real self in your avatar.You are a Cutey!