Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drawings and Ducks?

This is a sketch I did last night for practice. (I couldn't get loose to save my life!) And below are some images I didn't think I would be sharing with you today. This morning I spotted some baby ducks in the river. If their mother had not been with them, I would have thought that they were just leaves blowing around in the water. I quickly grabbed my camera and made a dash in my pajamas. Fortunately they came in close for a bite and I got these shots.

Hope you enjoy them!


Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, cute little fuzzy ones :D !
I love little baby ducky's. We once lived on/by Aquia Creek, looked like a river to me. We were just married. We rented this very sweet house. Any-who, the kids were little & I got them some baby ducks one spring. We loved them, they grew up & realized the big water was right there waiting for them. So, they left our little wading pool.
How nice to be able to go about in your jammys in the morn & have moments like this.
Very nice sketches. Amy

AWells said...

Your work just seems to get better and better- I just love reading your updates and seeing what you are up to.

About how many hours do you draw per day?

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey Amy, thanks! It's great seeing nature out your back door... I ate my cereal and watched a heron catch his breakfast. Things like this never cease to amaze me! I never got any pictures of baby ducks until now!

Hi Aja! I was wondering how you were doing... I saw from the update at your blog you're doing well... lots of good news! Thank you for the compliment... I don't draw as much as I should (or really as much as I used to) for about two years all I did was draw, every day, all day, every break I got. Since I've started to build my portfolio I've had to focus more on color and I'm just starting to get comfortable with the brush again

Anonymous said...

Oh these are absolutely gorgeous! You could do a painting from them, you're so lucky living so close. The sketches above are lovely too, I especially like the top left one with that cheeky smile.

Julia Denos said...

so beautiful anthony- sketches and photos! you are lucky to see such magical things where you are!

Julia Denos said...

are you in a rural setting?

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey Jess! thank you! aren't those little ducks amazing... I was thinking about you and your paintings when I got these shots :)

Hi Julia, Thanks! the area is growing, but I'd definitely say it's more rural... there's no lakes, only rivers, and all water runs to the Gulf of Mexico

Eric Orchard said...

These are wonderful sketches, I especially like the one on the lower right, beautiful. Love seeing the photos of Alabama too! I'm really curious about the place, it has a sort of far off magical quality to me tucked away up here.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thanks Eric! Alabama really is amazing... if you can ever get used to the humidity and mosquitoes (laugh)

It's funny how even though the population grows, the animal population seems to grow too... foxes, alligators, ospreys, and for the first time in fifty years, bald eagles! It's not too dangerous, but I prefer to give some of the animals a wide berth :)

I'd love to see Novia Scotia some day! Pictures I've seen look really beautiful

Anonymous said...

Anthony, your drawings and paintings are just fantastic. they have such a signiture to them that only you have. very recognizable and easy on the eyes.
p.s. i would dearly love to see a finished painting of the Narnia battle with the serpent!
keep up the good work bro.

Ambera said...

You draw children incredibly well! These are terrific sketches...and cute little ducks!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thank you so much Joe... that's a huge compliment! I went to your blog and your work is awesome! I'll be working on the Narnia illustration in the next few weeks... I think I've figured out what method to use for color

Thank you Ambera, you're too kind! :)