Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekend Drawings

I've been trying to stay loose lately, so this weekend I set down the paintbrush and picked up the pencil. These are a few drawings that I came up with.

The image up top is a cover idea I just made up. I've read that in an illustrator's portfolio, it's good to have mock covers... but I think that might only apply to recognizable books. (Oops!) I'm liking the idea of making digital collages so I worked that into the image a bit. Anyway, my youngest brother is having a birthday today so I had the idea from that. He's a crazy kid! and we love him... The image below that is just a sketch (We were all up Friday night trying to change the battery on a beeping smoke alarm - 12:30 am! - so you see the bathrobe) I have some other sketches on that event I might post soon

And now to the final sketch... I've always loved Indiana Jones. I remember playing out his adventures on the monkey bars in my back yard. (Dang near killed myself!) I drew him from the back of a cereal box and noticed he's getting just a tiny bit older. No offense Indy

And Drew Struzan has a great poster out for the new movie. You can see it at the Illustration Friday link here. I haven't found any other image of it yet and was delighted to find this!

Have a nice week everyone. And thank you so much for the comments you've been posting! You've been wonderful!


Kelly Light said...

Hey Anthony, These are great. I love the cover. Crazy idea- I love your pencil work , it's filled with color. Does that make sense? Some of your work stands strong without color and I think you should use that as a style. This cover is a perfect example of this. Like a Charles Dana Gibson drawing.. I always enjoy as for it's richness and it doesn't need color.

And Indy may be geriatric, but I love 'em. I made my husband buy one of those hats at Disney World, it's like lingerie for men:)! It's a great likeness!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey Kelly! thanks! you know I didn't think about that... I mean I had thought about having black and white images in my portfolio but on this I think you're right. It seems sometimes in my mind I might reach a stopping point before I get to color and maybe you've nailed it!

and that's great about your husband... :) I'm still laughing!

thanks a million!!! I will think on this heavily!


Kristi Valiant said...

Hi Anthony, wonderful sketches. I like the cover without color too. I wonder how it would look with only the text areas on the top and bottom in color, keeping the middle illustration section b&w? Nice facial expressions and I love the large hammer sticking out from behind the boy's back. Love the girl's pose too.

Diana Evans said...

awesome work! glad I found your blog!

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey Kristi... I think that's a great idea! I wasn't expecting this one to really go anywhere but the new direction with color, or lack of :) might make it pretty cool... and thanks for the compliment!

Hi Diana! thank you very much... I'm glad you like my work!

Alina Chau said...

beautiful drawing!

AWells said...

All the illustrations look great! Your versatility astounds me! The cover is particularly charming- way to go!

Koldo said...

I love the first one, it reminds me a lot of the 60's. Nostalgia...

rbaird said...

When I look at the faces on the first drawing, I think Saturday Evening Post, then I realize how modern their clothing is.

Your work is masterful Anthony!
So tell me, what inspires you?

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thank you very much Alina! I'm going to have to look closer at your artwork... very impressive (you do watercolor washes?)

and thank you Aja! congratulations on the upcoming graduation!

Thanks Koldo! I've been holding on to some clothing catalogs, and this is what came out... I had a lot of fun playing with the patterns and styles... I'm more of a bluejeans and t-shirt guy so it's funny

and thank you so much Roberta! that means a lot to me :)
I think my little brothers inspire me very much... they see things so simply and straight forward... there isn't imagination with them, what they think is real! and they are so nonstop! they are my first inspiration I think because they make me feel like a kid again :)


Eric Orchard said...

Great stuff. the cover is fantastic! Great to see your sense of design.

-J.Meyer said...


The little brother cover is nice It has a sorta interesting collage feeling to it. Love the hammer!

The lady drawing is neat, has a sorta statue-esq feeling to her.

Ah indy.. ;)