Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Visitor

This small bunny has made his residence in my front yard. The amazing thing about him is that he's not afraid of humans but disappears when dogs and cats come into the yard. He's very similar to a bunny that I watched grow into "rabbithood" about a year ago, so I guess this might start to be a regular thing.

I've also seen a large speckled rabbit come from across the street and chase the bunny. The little one doesn't seem to mind but runs in circles and jumps straight into the air. Perhaps it is momma rabbit trying to instill a little fear in her bunny, but it doesn't seem to be working.


Bonzaii said...

Cool! The pictures of you "little visitor" are really good.


Anthony VanArsdale said...

Thank you! and welcome to the blog!

-J.Meyer said...

Thanks for sharing, love the bunny!!!
(go fig right ;)


-J.Meyer said...

And Bonzaii is right those are fantastic photos (love the tail).

Anthony VanArsdale said...

Hey Jennifer! This little guy has been a blast to watch... this morning I got to sip my coffee and watch him chase away cardinals... he would shake his ears and hop in the air

The other day I didn't see him in the yard and I almost stepped on him! I think it gave us both a fright :) I have to watch it from now on (ha!)

Raluca C said...

ooooooh,you little cutie!!!What an wonderful photo...he is incrediblly sweet!!He,he,he:what you just said:he is chaseing cardinals?My God:for this you must ask him to pay the rent for useing your land in this way:))!!Naughty naughty-looking forward to hear more about him!!